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Nothing is more important than the health of our loved ones. This is why we often find ourselves trying to find the very best doctor in a specific field. But how can you find the specialist that is right for you, that has experience with your particular issue and that has successfully treated many other patients like you before? Well, this is what we are here for. Share your experiences on, and read other patients' recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

e-Referrals with the NHS

Under the NHS e-Referral Service, you can choose the hospital or clinic where you would like to receive treatment, as long as your GP feels that you need to visit a particular hospital or clinic to receive appropriate medical treatment.

If you ask your GP to refer you to a specialist, they will probably suggest that you try various tests or treatment options first to see whether your condition improves. A specialist will only see you with a referral letter from your General Practitioner.
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Ask for an Open Referral

If you are insured with a private medical insurance company, you will usually have to see your GP first. Your GP can then issue you with an Open Referral, a letter referring you to a specialist, but without naming the specialist. This will allow you to choose and make an appointment with a specialist of your choice.

You will still need to check that the specialist you choose is accepted by your private medical insurance company. Call them and inquire to make sure.
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Featured specialists

Mr Geraint Lloyd
General surgery, Stevenage

"Mr Lloyd is a very knowledgeable consultant who is also a very nice, kind man. He is helpful and reassuring and never tried to rush me. He ... "

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Dr Shobhit Baijal
Medical oncology, Birmingham

"Dr Baijal has been my oncologist for over 12 months now it is only because of his forward thinking and dedication that I am here today, I ... "

based on 1 patient review


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"At the time of seeing Mr Tooze -Hobson there was a great deal of controversy over the operation I was about to have. He explained the procedure in great detail, giving me both the pros and cons. He spent quite some time doing this and at no time did ... "

Review for Mr Toozs-Hobson

"My son Reece has had two knee surgery's with Mr Calder bits of his knee keep breaking away and as you can imagine this is very frightening to a young man but Mr Calder was wonderful to Reece listened to him and made him feel he was in very ... "

Review for Mr Calder