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Mr Manoj Sood

Orthopaedic Hip & Knee Surgery

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Details for Mr Sood

City: London, W1G 9QW
Specialities: Orthopaedic Hip & Knee Surgery
Qualifications: BSc. FRCS(Eng) FRCS(Tr & Orth)
Languages: English
Gender: Male
Insurance Co's: Aviva, AXA PPP, Bupa, Vitality, Simply Health, WPA, Cigna

Biography / Professional Experience

Mr Sood is a leading Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon who treats all Hip and Knee conditions as well as Sports injuries. He is in his 16th year of Specialist Consultant Practice and has trained internationally, including in Centres of Excellence in North America. He has been recognised as a Top Doctor by his peers.

He is recognised as a clear communicator and believes in giving patients jargon-free explanations about their conditions and about all relevant treatment options, including non-surgical options . Whilst he believes passionately in reconstructing and preserving joints and in biological treatments, he is also an expert hip and knee replacement surgeon. He has performed over 1500 hip and knee replacements and is pleased to have excellent outcomes and minimal complications. He has a referral practice dealing with the most complex and challenging cases and is a fellowship-trained expert in re-doing hip and knee replacements that have failed (revision surgery).

Manoj qualified at Guys Hospital in London in 1992 and trained at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) in Stanmore where he spent time as Lecturer to the Professorial Unit. He undertook higher training as a visiting Senior Clinical Fellow in Hip and Knee Surgery in two centres of excellence in North America in 2004, where he trained under two of the best hip and knee surgeons in the world. At the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, he worked with Dr Dan Berry and at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto with Prof Alan Gross.

Manoj treats all lower limb Sports injuries in athletes and weekend warriors and also has an interest in the treatment of Tendon Pain especially Tendinopathies.

The Practice

Mr Sood practices in London, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire. His practice encompasses all Hip and Knee problems and Sports injuries.

His huge experience means that he is often sought out to provide opinions on more difficult and complex cases.

Although a surgeon, Mr Sood also provides the full range of non-surgical treatment options, so patients can rest-assured that they will get the best possible treatment for their problem and often will not require surgery.

Special areas of expertise:

- Knee & Hip Replacement surgery
- Knee & Hip Arthroscopy
- Sports Injuries
- Joint preservation and Biological treatments to
prevent or delay arthritis
- Tendon Pain

Why Choose Mr Sood?

~He is a trusted and highly experienced specialist who is passionate about helping his patients.
~He is approachable, easy to talk to and listens carefully
~His detailed assessesment of his patients includes how their condition is affecting their life including hobbies and sports where relevant.
~When scans are needed he only works with a very select team of radiologists to ensure high quality interpretation.
~He gives you an accurate diagnosis of the likely cause(s) of your problem and you receive a balanced discussion about which treatment is recommended and why.
~He offers all treatments, not just surgery, and keeps up to date with new and promising treatments.
~If you need surgery this will be managed by a top class team with excellent outcomes. Mr Sood prides himself in the quality of the surgery that he performs and he only works with the best anaesthetists. His current anaesthetists have worked with him for between 10 and 15 years.


Mr Sood is active in research and publishes and presents his research work regularly at national and international conferences. He is also involved in training and assessing the next generation of Orthopaedic surgeons. He is the Undergraduate Surgical Tutor in Orthopaedics for the School of Medicine at Cambridge University and an examiner at The Royal College of Surgeons of England. He is also involved in the design of surgical instruments, including a specialist device used in re-do hip replacement surgery.


"I was suffering from hip arthritis. The pain made it almost impossible to do the things I loved doing.
I cannot speak highly enough of the care and treatment I received from Mr Sood. Having had cancer treatment and made to feel invisible by a few Consultants it was wonderful to be actually looked at and listened to. I am back horse-riding and can do the things that I couldn’t do before with ease. I would recommend Mr Sood’s practice without hesitation."

Mrs M.C.
Hip replacement

"I was unable to play tennis, walk long distances or feel secure skiing – all activities I had previously enjoyed. When tired I was limping. Ultrasound treatment was prescribed by my GP but was ineffective. Mr Sood diagnosed a damaged cartilage and some wear. He performed an arthroscopy on my knee and the results of the surgery were, for me, life changing. Since the operation, 8 years ago, I have played tennis regularly (at least twice a week), can walk long distances and have skied every year since, although I do wear a light support on the knee for this. Throughout the procedure Mr Sood was confident of success and I felt considerably more optimistic about the outcome. My quality of life changed for the better and I am very grateful and very staisfied with the treatment and aftercare that I received."

Mrs D.P.
Knee arthroscopy for cartilage tear and early wear (joint preservation)


"My knee was locking because of a torn cartilage and I was unable to walk or work without crutches.
I found Mr Sood to be very professional, yet welcoming and willing to listen and act quickly and efficiently. Mr Sood manipulated my knee and unlocked the knee, allowing me to walk unaided a couple of days later. I then underwent the key hole op to fix my torn cartilage to prevent the same issue recurring. Mr Sood is brilliant, very approachable and very caring."

Mrs A.S.
Knee arthroscopy and meniscal surgery

"For some years I could not run anymore and any impact on my right knee was very painful. Mr Sood diagnosed a tear in my meniscus, fixed it and the result is astounding. Recovery was fast and within days I could walk without crutches. After 2 months I started with running again, slowly building it up. I am back to 15 minutes of pain-free running and am continuing to build this up. Overall my knee feels great and I consider the operation a 100% success. The whole experience was superb. Full marks to Mr Sood,"

Mr R.V.
Knee Arthroscopy and meniscal surgery

Expertise in

• Knee and hip arthroscopy(“key-hole” surgery)
• Knee replacement (partial and total replacement)
• Hip replacement (mini-incision)
• Joint preservation techniques to delay the need for joint replacement

Contact details

Debbie Holden
Practice Manager
PO Box 918
St albans, AL1 9FP
020 7127 4202
Weymouth Hospital Consulting rooms
25 Harley Street
London, W1G 9QW
020 7127 4202
BMI Hendon Hospital
46/50 Sunny Gardens Road Hendon
London, NW4 1RP
0207 172 4202
One Hatfield Hospital
Hatfield Avenue
Hatfield Business Park
Hertfordshire, AL10 9UA
020 7127 4202
BMI The Manor Hospital
Church End
Bedfordshire, MK40 4AW
0808 101 0337


Patient reviews for Mr Manoj Sood

Total Hip Replacement
"I have been discussing this with Mr Sood for approximately 8 years and have always found him to be honest, straightforward and positive. Since undergoing my operation I am making an excellent recovery and I will have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sood in the future."

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Monday 13th of April 2020

Arthroscopy of knee
"I saw Mr Sood for the repair of a torn cartilege in my right knee.
As an athlete I was particularly concerned to ensure the procedure would leave me able to train and compete again pain-free.
Mr Sood was knowledgable and reassuring, and answered all my questions thoroughly. I would certianly recommend him to other athletes.

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Total knee replacement.
"I saw Mr. Sood at The Manor Hospital, Biddenham. He listened to what I told him of the history of my knee problems and assured me that he would be able to improve my situation. He has achieved the promised outcome and my knee already has a greater degree of movement."

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Friday 3rd of January 2020

Total Hip Joint replacement
"In March 2018 I was diagnosed by my GP as having Arthritis in my right hip joint. This was confirmed by subsequent X-Ray. Following lack of progress in getting this resolved on the NHS and a steady worsening of my health and increased pain from my Hip, and following a number of recommendations I consulted Mr Sood. During my initial Consultation he fully explained everything that was involved, answering all my questions and concerns. I was given a date for the operation if I wished to proceed which due to my condition I readily accepted.
The operation consisted of a non cemented Ceramic on Ceramic total hip replacement. I am very pleased to say was a total success. Within a few weeks I was walking normally without a walking stick and have since hiked many miles along rugged Coastal Paths, hills and fields with my wife. I am completely unaware of my new Hip.

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Saturday 28th of December 2019

ACL reconstruction
"Had my acl op on August 5th 2019. Walked home the same day and after a few painful days as the painkillers wore off it was an upward curve. mr Sood’s expertise in surgery, post op advise, physio and follow ups have all co tributes to a brilliant recovery. I am running after 4 months following surgery and generally feeling great. dr Sood is a superb surgeon and directs you to the finish line with precision and caution."

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Monday 23rd of December 2019

Total Knee Replacement
"I went to see Mr Sood regarding a long standing knee condition.

Mr Sood is approachable and was willing to allow me to ask lots of questions about my condition and treatment plan, providing clear answers and putting my mind at rest.

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Thursday 19th of December 2019

Knee and hip
"I cannot rate Mr Sood too highly. I know that I will have to have my left knee joint replaced at some time but Mr Sood has found a way of delaying the operation until a time that suits me. I had never heard of using an injection of monovisc gel to ease/remove the pain of a damaged knee but he introduced me to it, with great positive effect. I was also suffering from excruciating pain in my left hip, which he diagnosed as bursitis and treated, also with great effect, with shock wave therapy. I had never heard of that either. He is a consummate professional, friendly, knowledgeable and a good communicator. I am glad that I was recommended to him, and have happily recommended him to others."

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Monday 16th of December 2019

Accurate Diagnosis
"I recently saw Mr Sood at his offices on Harley Street. After five months of lower limb pain, two misdiagnoses and being left in limbo without any diagnosis, I was at my wits end.

Mr Sood took the time to listen to my history, do a thorough examination and has helped me to get an accurate diagnosis and steer me onto the right path for treatment.

He is superb - friendly, professional and a great communicator. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Mr Manoj Sood
posted on Wednesday 5th of June 2019
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