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Dr Rehab Awad

Speech therapy

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Details for Dr Awad

City: London, SE3, NW1, E14
Specialities: Speech therapy
Qualifications: MBBCh, MSc, MD, PGDip
Languages: English, Arabic
Gender: Female
Insurance Co's: Bupa

Rehab Awad

Dr. Rehab Awad MBBCh, MSc, MD, PG Dip (Voice Disorders)
Clinical lead for Speech and Language Therapist at University Hospital Lewisham since 2009. She leads the voice services for both adults and children in the Speech and Language Therapy Department and provides voice therapy input in the renowned Multidisciplinary voice clinic at UHL, one of the leading Paediatric ENT Voice Disorders clinics in the UK. Rehab has also lead the Parallel Voice Clinic at UHL since 2011 that provides both adult and paediatric services under the guidance of Mr Aymat the Clinic Lead for voice. She is a Visiting Associate Professor of Phoniatrics Sciences at Kasr Alaini Hospital, Cairo University since 2017. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Cairo University in 1996. She trained in speech and language therapy and laryngology as a Senior SHO in Cairo university hospital between 1997 & 2000. She was awarded both an MSc and MD in Phoniatrics Sciences from the University of Cairo in 2000 and 2008 respectively. Her research on communication disorders in twins was published as a thesis and she developed The Arabic Phonological Awareness Test. Rehab studied voice disorders at UCL and was awarded a post-grad diploma in 2005. She has an interest and passion for research and has publications in the field of voice and language disorders.

Special Interests:
- Voice disorders in children
- Voice disorders in adults
- Swallowing Disorders in Adults

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Expertise in

• Voice Disorders in Children
• Voice Disorders in Adults
• Swallowing Disorders in Adults

Treatments / Procedures performed

• Voice Therapy
• Treatment Nasoendoscopy
• Voice Assessment
• Swallow Assessment

Contact details

Dr Rehab Awad
1 Windmill Rise
Kingston upon thames, KT2 7TU
07905 439779
Lycahealth Canary Wharf
1 Westferry Circus
London, E14 4HD
WestEnd Medical
6 Bendal Mews
London, NW1 6SN
Blackheath Hospital
10 Independent Rd.,
London, SE3 9UD


Patient reviews for Dr Rehab Awad

Post Covid severe throat / speech impairment
"I have been through a very difficult period post Covid which led to severe breathing, throat issues including very hoarse weak speech, shortness of breath & restricted breathing resulting in lack of air to generate sound/normal voice strength.
Over 3-4 months with two weekly sessions combined with daily practice sessions through Rehab's clear and thorough approach, guidance, support and encouragement I have made an almost full recovery. It is expected that it will take a further 2-3 months before I am fully back to normal however through Rehab's support and encouragement I have made amazing progress. She has done wonders for which I am very grateful. Many thanks again Rehab, you have been amazing, both in your expertise & support/coaching.

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Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Saturday 26th of September 2020

Voice therapy - dysphonia
"I was referred to Rehab following a thyriodectomy complicated by vocal cord paresis resulting in severe dysphonia. I am pleased to say that my voice has made a remarkable recovery following a my course of voice therapy with Rehab. Her efforts, advice and patience over the last few weeks were much appreciated. She's clearly very experienced, inspires confidence and I would recommend her highly."

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Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Thursday 24th of September 2020

Voice therapy following Laryngoplasty for Excised Bilateral Gr3 Vocal Fold Sulci
"Rehab is one of the most excellent teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with. She strikes an exceptionally fine balance between acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation and practical, firm advice for steps towards recovery. I have Rehab to thank entirely for diagnosing my voice disorder, which, despite multiple laryngoscopies, had gone un-checked for my entire professional singing career (15 years or more). I can't emphasise enough how skilled and knowledgable a practitioner Rehab is but also how flexible she is in tailoring the exercises to pinpoint exactly what is needed. Her ears make it seem like she's constantly got a camera down your throat! There's nothing she doesn't hear. I can't recommend Rehab highly enough for all things voice related and I can't thank her enough for helping me to find a way back to my voice."

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Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

Amazing Speech and Voice Therapist
"Dr. Rehab has provided an outstanding service in teaching me how to use my voice properly, she also has provided the best guidance on voice usuage, intonantion, and speech exercises. Without her into my life I was loosing my voice nearly every morning, luckily I had a chance to be treated by one of the very knowledgeable and efficient practitioner in this field. Would recommend to anyone with hoarseness and other voice conditions."

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Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Voice therapy
"Dr Rehab has helped my 5 year old daughter with her hoarse voice. She is been great with my daughter, patient and assertive, and very responsive with my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Rehab."

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Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Friday 14th of August 2020

Wonderful Speech Therapist
"Words cannot do justice as to how wonderful Rehab is. Her professionalism, patience, kindness and positivity ultimately led to a successful recovery from a paralysed vocal cord. I am so grateful. Highly recommend."

Knowledgeable:        Friendly:       
Treatment:        Overall:       

Patient review for Dr Rehab Awad
posted on Saturday 8th of August 2020
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