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Dr Ioulios Palamaras


City: Enfield, EN6 5AS
Specialities: Dermatology
Languages: English, Greek (mother tongue), Italian
Insurance Co's: NHS
Gender: Male

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Contact details

Evy Matthas (Secretary)
61 Pettits Lane
Romford, RM1 4HA
07816 343758
BMI The Kings Oak Hospital
Chase Farm North Side The Ridgeway Enfield
London, EN2 8SD
020 8370 9500
Skin Care Network Barnet Limited
3 Church Passage Wood Street
Barnet, EN5 4QS
020 8441 1043
Harley Street at Queen's
Queen's Hospital Rom Valley Way
Romford, RM7 0AG
01708 435237
The Ashdown Clinic North Wing Salisbury House 81 High Street
Potters bar, EN6 5AS
01707 659978


Patient reviews for Dr Ioulios Palamaras

Dr Palamaras corrected my Vasculitis 100 percent
"I saw Dr Palamaras initially in December 2020, with regards to a burning sensation in my fingertips and purpura, as well as a Dermatitis type rash along the outside of my dorsal digits. Dr Palamaras examined me thoroughly using a Dermatoscope, and diagnosed that it appeared to be Vasculitis He prescribed me an efficacious steroid cream- Dermovate to apply twice daily to the affected areas. I followed his protocol and was reviewed by himself 6 weeks later.The rash had subsided but not completely. Therefore Dr Palamaras injected me with Depomedrone 40ml injection into my left buttock. This completely resolved the issue, without the adverse side-effects of an oral steroid such as Prednisone, which also needs to be tapered down accordingly.
I suffer from Crohn's disease hence experience Arthropathy which this also corrected Dr Dev Mukker, Opthamologist,

Patient review for Dr Ioulios Palamaras
posted on Wednesday 31st of March 2021

"Dr Palamaras has been helping me for my psoriasis on my scalp and ‘downstairs’ for a couple of years. I had had very little joy with GP and NHS help, but his knowledge improved my conditions so quickly! I used to be in such horrific pain and bled so much. I wish I had sought him out earlier."

Patient review for Dr Ioulios Palamaras
posted on Friday 31st of July 2020

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