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Miss Shamim Umarji

Trauma & orthopaedic surgery

City: London, SW17 0QT
Specialities: Trauma & orthopaedic surgery
Insurance Co's: Bupa
Gender: Female

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Contact details

Linda Haylor (Secretary)
St George's Hospital Blackshaw Road
London, SW17 0QT
020 8725 1331
Parkside Hospital
53 Parkside Wimbledon
London, SW19 5NX
020 8971 8000


Patient reviews for Miss Shamim Umarji

Carpal Tunnel
"I opted for Carpal Tunnel surgery due to night time pain and typical presented symptoms although scans and nerve conductivity tests proved inconclusive
I have previously had an aortic valve replacement and am anti coagulated ( blood thinned ) which makes any surgical procedure more risky and complex
At every stage through consultation to procedure - Miss Umarji has been thorough, attentive and exceptionally professional ensuring that i understand every step and associated risks and that i have the most specific care
This procedure has - due to my anti coagulation - had some complications - and i have received the most amazing care. Miss Umarji has been in constant contact both on the phone and in person ensuring that i receive the most amazing aftercare to get my hand back on track
Many thanks to her and every member of an amazing team

Patient review for Miss Shamim Umarji
posted on Sunday 4th of October 2020

"Best surgeon in the city - I was unwell, needed an apointment, called and they told me to come right in. Dr Umarji is a great surgeon because she takes care of the whole person, as opposed to just treating an illness. Thoroughly impressed! "

Patient review for Miss Shamim Umarji
posted on Tuesday 1st of October 2013

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