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Miss Nicola Roche

General surgery

City: London, SW1W 8RH
Specialities: General surgery
Insurance Co's: Aviva
Gender: Female

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Contact details

Lynda Cruickshank (Secretary)
The Lister Hospital Chelsea Bridge Road
London, SW1W 8RH
020 7881 0859
Lister Hospital
Chelsea Bridge Road
London, SW1W 8RH
020 7730 7733
The Royal Marsden Hospital
Fulham Road
London, SW3 6JJ
020 7352 8171
Bupa Cromwell Hospital
162-174 Cromwell Road
London, SW5 0TU
020 7460 2000
The Royal Marsden Hospital
Downs Road
Sutton, SM2 5PT
020 8642 6011


Patient reviews for Miss Nicola Roche

An Excellent Go-To Breast Surgeon!
"Miss Nilcola Roche is an excellent Oncologist and forms a dream team with Mr. Stuart James (plastic surgeon) for breast reconstruction as well as post op physio with Miss Louise Malone (specialist in cancer physio).

I had my masectomy and reconstruction on January 7th and was hesitant to take the prescribed ‘hormone’ blocker all this while as the side effects compound Osteoporosis (which I was also diagnosed with) amongst other side effects.

During the 4 month follow up today, Miss Roche carefully and thoughtfully listened to my concerns and prescribed Tamoxifen which ‘scoops’ up errant Oestrogen rather than inhibit its production.

I was satisfied that the possible side effects from Tamoxifen was manageable (DVT and thickening of the womb/bleeding). I shall trial it for 2 years with 6 monthly mammograms.

Patient review for Miss Nicola Roche
posted on Friday 19th of May 2023

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