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Dr Andrew Docherty


City: Motherwell, ML2 0DP
Specialities: Cardiology,
General (internal) medicine
Insurance Co's: AXA PPP
Gender: Male

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Contact details

Sandra Grove (Secretary)
Department of Cardiology Wishaw General Hospital 50 Netherton Street
Wishaw, ML2 0DP
01698 366509
BMI Ross Hall Hospital
221 Crookston Road
Glasgow, G52 3NQ
0141 810 3151


Patient reviews for Dr Andrew Docherty

SIix stents inserted
"from the moment Doc Docherty took over after Emergency admission he was cool calm collected, followed by informative, knowledgeable and skilled
He was reassuring and talked to me during the procedure, explaining what he was doing and how that would affect me, he inserted 2 stents there and then, one inside the other, I assume to strengthen my artery and the repair.
Two weeks later I had another 4 stents inserted, again by Doctor Docherty,
I have nothing but admiration for him and of course his team on the days for their skill, knowledge and techniques which saved my life.
I have taken my medicine, lost over 30 lbs of weight and built my own bungalow since my heart attack and will be thankful to him and team until my dying day, I thank you all.

Patient review for Dr Andrew Docherty
posted on Saturday 13th of April 2019

"Excellent consultant. Very good bedside manner & has a wonderful ability to put patient at ease. Attended his clinic at Ross Hall & would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Gillian Johnstone"

Patient review for Dr Andrew Docherty
posted on Sunday 13th of November 2016

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