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Mr Peter Binfield

Trauma & orthopaedic surgery

City: Coventry, CV32 6RW
Specialities: Trauma & orthopaedic surgery
Gender: Male

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Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital
The Chase Old Milverton Lane
Leamington spa, CV32 6RW
01926 671480
Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital The Chase Old Milverton Lane
Leamington spa, CV32 6RW
01926 427971


Patient reviews for Mr Peter Binfield

Forefront Reconstructive Surgery
"In November 2018 I had to have Forefront Reconstructive Surgery to my right foot.
Due to my Bunion toe dislocating the 2nd and 3rd toe, over a period of time, my foot became quite deformed and made walking very difficult and painful. I'd also developed Mortens Neuroma in the ball of my foot, due to the pressure from my Bunion toe moving over. By reconstructing the forefront of my foot, breaking and pinning the 2nd and 3rd toes and removing the neuroma, Mr. Binfield turned what was an abnormal looking foot into a normal looking foot again. It's quite incredible and I can walk again. I am so very grateful. Although this was a very big operation, I was amazed at how little pain I felt during recovery. Mr. Binfield is a superb Surgeon and I highly recommend him.

Patient review for Mr Peter Binfield
posted on Wednesday 24th of April 2019

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