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Mr Henry Sue-Ling

General surgery

City: Leeds, LS1 3EB
Specialities: General surgery
Gender: Male

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Contact details

Lynne Harrison (Secretary)
Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital 2 Leighton Street
Leeds, LS1 3EB
0113 388 2127
Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital
2 Leighton Street
Leeds, LS1 3EB
0113 350 7617
St James's University Hospital
Beckett Street
Leeds, LS9 7TF
0113 243 3144
Spire Leeds Hospital
Jackson Avenue
Leeds, LS8 1NT
0113 269 3939


Patient reviews for Mr Henry Sue-Ling

Ward 27 men's surgical LGI.
"During my stay at the LGI major surgery, Colectomy, pre-cancerous tumour removal. I was on the ward, sweating on a plastic wrapped mattress. I was down for theatre the following day, at around midnight Henry Sue-Ling appeared and asked me if I should give him permission to check whether I had any healthy tissue left in the Ileo anal department for him to form a W pouch. I said ok, he mentioned that the Prof. Mr. Johnson might take some convincing. He did, I had two long surgical procedures, 11 hours and 5 I think, and a few bits of 'tinkering' after. so here I am still, I can only thank this man and his team for my life extension. A very fine dedicated man. Interestingly, I was miss diagnosed twice, originally by my GP .. Not Irritable Bowel and later Hospital, Poliposis Coli.. No... I was brought down by a rogue gene, a mutation, that the labs have yet to pin down."

Patient review for Mr Henry Sue-Ling
posted on Tuesday 19th of July 2022

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