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I am looking for the contact details of a specific doctor, can you help?


If you would like to find a specialist by name, please click on 'Find a doctor' above, then insert the first and last name of the doctor in question in the 'Doctor name' field and click 'Search'. The contact details should be listed on the doctor's profile page.

If no contact details are listed, or the search does not return any results, then unfortunately the doctor in question is not in our database, and we are unable to assist with your query.


Can we do better?

Can we do better?

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"Friendly and knowledgeable excellent Dr. He made me so comfortable during the visit.He is very thorough and seems to really care about the patient.His staff so kind to me during a scary ... "

Review for Mr Bhattacharjee

"I've had the pleasure of having two appointments with Dr Evangelou , I found him to be a really nice man . Has a Doctor he was patient and caring and gave me plenty of time to talk and ask questions. He came across as being very knowledgeable ... "

Review for Dr Evangelou